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💔 🚑🚨 Friday 13th of October 2017. We were told Dad had 12 months to live. Dad had GBM grade 4 bra

Rottnest Island 🌊 pre Dad's 2nd brain surgery, #Calm ⠀☁️

Reflection ⠀ 2 WEEKS AGO: ⠀ Dad went in for his second brain surgery in 5 months (it feels like a month ago, time feels like a surreal vacuum of chaos, then complete exhaustion) ⠀ His brain cancer had grown back; We said our goodbyes, ⠀ like last time;⠀ We had “things prepared” (resembling a dream) just in case, to be programmatic, ⠀ like last time;⠀ I felt like we held our breath, from the long tightly held, see you later hug ⠀ [breathe in] ⠀ until that, “...he is fine, surgery all went okay...” ⠀ relief thank Christ⠀ [exhale], ⠀ just like last time; ⠀ This time we knew the odds were higher, cancer had moved further into his brain ⠀ He lost 25% of his vision, but his limbs and speech are all okay ⠀ He is fit and healthy and was out of ICU in a few days! ⠀ ⠀ We are all so happy it's 2 weeks on! ⠀ [exhale] ⠀

arhh #sea breeze :) ⠀🌏