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1-year on reflection 🚑🚨 -   1-year ago, I was in a car crash, hit by a car as a cyclist.

1 year ago, last week, I was in a car crash, hit by a car as a cyclist.

For 10 months, I struggled with my strength, energy, and capabilities.

I didn't realize honestly how much of "me," my cognitive processes, and routine would diminish, as my muscles deteriorated around my surgery.

At times, the pain was so unbearable, all I could concentrate my mind on was, "I'm going to get through the next hour."


I am truly grateful for my treatment, my friends and family, an amazing medical team, who have made some of the grossest 😜 and most unbelievable painful tasks, at times, crazily enough, joyous, enjoyable and almost 😛 precious moments ❤

Thank you all, for the most beautiful year of my life ❤️❤

"Thank you all,

for the most beautiful year of my life."

▪️ 1-year on reflection:

〰️ I don't take life for granted. Because it can end quicker than a car's headlights, a tram screeching and some women screaming. Thankfully that night, it wasn't my turn to go. 🚨

If I were to die that night, I would only regret, not living curiously, somehow every day.

We all have to die. There's an extremity to that. Don't sell yourself, your dreams and your value short.

Many of my friends ask questions about, what could have happened if things went a little different that night. I rarely think about that. I could have been killed at 22. A few fractions of a second different. If I couldn’t move before a tram...or the other car…

I don't wish the pain, the lack of abilities of the injuries and rehab on anyone, (especially coupled with the news about Dad)...❤️

Yet somehow, this last year, was the best thing that ever happened to me. No one gets out of life alive. Don't forget to live. Fearlessly yours, Naomi 🔥